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ID Project Priority Summary Assigned User Component Points Status
Input P1 Allow users to enter their email address in Input feedbacks mcooper user feedback 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 Use dictConfig logging configuration mcooper dev general 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 [ia] Migration to clean out the tags assigned to documents mcooper dev wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 rewrite register_for_indexing to be less tangled/complex willkg dev search 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Discount first level changes on L10n KPI dashboard rrosario sumo-team kpidash 1 RESOLVED
Input P3 set up statsd me+bugzilla dev infrastructure 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Make excerpts for forum search results look useful willkg user search 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Make subscriptions more salient rrosario contributor wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Alert when someone else is editing the article mcooper contributor wiki 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Add comment explaining revision change in l10n view rrosario contributor wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 add ES section to /services/monitor willkg dev infrastructure 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 Search field width in search results is too long in non en-US locales mcooper user search 1 VERIFIED
SUMO P2 Redirect /sync to /products/firefox/sync rrosario user wiki 0 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] base template and styles for common elements rdalal user general 3 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] home page (products & services) rdalal user general 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] product landing page rdalal user wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] article listing (aka topic landing) page rdalal user wiki 3 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 Style the question reply field like the rest of the textareas rrosario user questions 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P1 add way to track the last three steps of the AAQ process rrosario sumo-team AAQ 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P1 Set correct OS for show-for on mobile and desktop articles rrosario user wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P1 remove text_phrase from queries willkg user search 0 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 Stop making unnecessary db calls in rebuild_kb() task rrosario dev wiki 0 RESOLVED
SUMO P1 All article content displayed whatever the selected OS or version rrosario user wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO Version and OS selectors not selectable in IE 9 rrosario user wiki 1 VERIFIED
SUMO Some articles crash IE9 when switching OS selector to Mac or Linux nobody user wiki 2 RESOLVED
SUMO Help Articles Only not localized rrosario contributor wiki 0 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Award notification via email needs styling nobody contributor general 0 RESOLVED



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