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SUMO P1 Add 'winxp', 'win7' and 'win8' to showfor mcooper user wiki 3 VERIFIED
SUMO P2 Links in notification e-mails for KB forums should contain the locale in order to prevent a Page-not-found error rrosario contributor wiki 1 VERIFIED
SUMO P2 Checkbox to keep the version diff of a translation revision rrosario contributor l10n 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Editing and updating localized articles should warn of unreviewed changes rrosario contributor wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Diffs show more changed content than needed rrosario contributor wiki 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Various parts of the site suffer from contrast issues rdalal user general 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Tag removal doesn't work rrosario contributor questions 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] language selection page rdalal user general 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] article page rdalal user wiki 3 RESOLVED
SUMO P3 Load the mobile view when users navigate to SUMO on firefox OS rrosario user general 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 No image showing when editing kb article on media gallery rrosario contributor wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [october 21st] check CTR for A/B testing on search results excerpts a.topal user search 0 RESOLVED
Input P3 x axis hash marks don't actually align with specific days mcooper user dashboard 1 RESOLVED
Input P3 blanks aren't zero but interpolated mcooper user dashboard 2 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Use fonts hosted on rdalal user general 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 Add highlighting to KB search results rrosario user search 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P1 Add special registration page for contributors willkg contributor wiki 1 RESOLVED
SUMO P4 Change wording for get involved box on start page a.topal contributor wiki 0 RESOLVED
SUMO P2 [mobile][redesign] login and register pages rdalal user users 2 RESOLVED
SUMO Search doesn't work second time after going back in history rrosario user general 1 VERIFIED
SUMO non-ascii chars are rendered incorrectly (again) rdalal user general 1 VERIFIED



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